A selection of images showing the industrial heritage of Wales.

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The first eight images in this gallery were taken in the slate mining complex at Cwmorthin, which was abandoned in the 1920's. Most have been rendered in black and white to underline the stark environment, but some colour images have been included to illustrate the scenic colour of the surroundings. Life was hard for the miners - the barracks accommodation was primitive, the work was hard and dangerous in an unhealthy environment. Lung disease was always a threat, and workers would not expect to live beyond their forties.

The remaining images were taken in Cwm Bychan, a valley leading north from Aberglaslyn where an entrance to the Sygun copper mine emerged and the mined ore was transported down the valley to the railway. The winding gear near the entrance still survives, though much corroded. Very little else remains. It is a place with a variety of scenic beauty - further images have been included in the Central Snowdonia gallery.