Images taken in Prague

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It can take time to appreciate Prague, and some people find it disappointing when they first arrive, particularly if the first view of it is from car, coach or bus. The main roads miss most of the best bits and this fascinating city needs to be explored on foot. I have visited Prague several times over the last fifteen years, but the first images to be posted here come from my latest trip, which is my first serious use of a digital SLR camera. I hope to add earlier images later.

There images here can be categorized as follows:

  • Architectural Details

For much of their history the 'Czech Lands' have been ruled from Vienna, and Prague has been more of a regional centre than a capital city, and as a result of which there are relatively few grand vistas. There are a number of fine churches and palaces, but much of the interest is in the narrow streets and passages in the historical parts Mala Strana (the 'Little Quarter'), the Old Town and Hradcany, where it is often the details that are most attractive. A friend once said that if you want to explore the architecture of Prague, you need to learn to look upwards! Many of the pictures on my recent trip are of windows and streetlights.

  • Street Scenes
  • Gardens in Malá Strana

Unknown to the casual observer, there are a number of fine gardens in Mala Strana.

Although ingeniously hidden, some are open to the public.

Northern Malá Strana nestles beneath the vertiginous slope of the castle rock, and a number of palaces here have colonised this slope and planted gardens which rise up almost to the top. A few years ago, several of these were linked together and opened to the public as a unit, known collectively as the Palace Gardens. Two images here show the view looking up from the entrance by Kolowrat Palace, and one of the the many terraces that are an inevitable feature of gardens constructed on such an incline.

The Waldstejn gardens have long afforded one of the finest views of the cathedral standing proud within the castle.